Yarn Care & Useful Information

Your yarn will arrive in a skein, with 2-3 ties and will need to be wound into a ball/cake to work from.

To do this, untwist the skein until you have the hank/loop and place this on a swift or around the backs of two chairs but make sure it remains taut to avoid tangling.

1-2 of the ties are a single strand, the other will be made of two strands. Cut the single strand ties first then cutting the other tie will release the ends to allow you to wind it into a ball/cake.

I recommend buying enough yarn for your project at the same time. Our yarn is dyed in small batches and the colours may differ slightly from skein to skein.

Larger quantities ordered at the same time will always be from the same small batch. Whilst I do my best to ensure that each skein is alike, I would suggest alternating skeins on every couple of rows

Wash by hand in cool water with a small amount of wool wash and dry flat.

All our yarns are dyed in small batches, in a smoke free but pet friendly home in Norwich Norfolk.

We use professional dyes to create some truly unique colour ways, which are then rinsed until they run clear. The colours should not bleed but it is always a possibility with hand dyed yarns.