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  • A month of love - February 2020

    Wow, what a month of love. I hope you have been having a lovely month. At the end of January, Tom and I went away for a long weekend to Budapest which was a lot of fun. It is a beautiful city and the architecture is amazing, if you haven't been yet, I totally recommend it. We did a lot of exploring around the city and tourist stuff like getting the hop on hop off bus and going around the city about 100 times. According to my fitbit we had walked 36km around the city in three long days. It did explain why my feet hurt by the time I was home. We tried some local cuisine like the chimney cake and langos, we even tried some of their stews. The langos were amazing, it was deep fried dough with a topping of sorts, I had bolognese and cheese on mine :) Craft Fair As soon as we were back, I was preparing for the craft fair at the Makers Bazaar sale market. It was my first stall all by myself, normally I team up with Knitwear For All Seasons which is mostly ran by my Aunt with some makes made by my Nan and Mum. It was very successful event and I got to meet some of you lovely people which I thoroughly enjoyed. Just look at that rainbow of yarn!! New Pattern Release Shortly after this lovely event I released my first ever pattern. This is the Silver Echo Shawl which was made using Fibre Fox's Rainbow reflections yarn and also my Silver Fern yarn, all in 4ply yarn. I was lucky enough to have some lovely people test the pattern for me and with their comments I feel I was able to provide a good final version of the pattern. The Silver Echo Shawl pattern is available on my website, if you would like your own copy. If you do get a copy and have any questions, please feel free to get in touch. Spring Yarn Box The other exciting news this month is that the Spring Yarn Boxes are now available. I have been planning this for a little while and I have found some lovely images for inspiration. Think spring flowers if you are wanting an idea of some of the colour ways. These colours are also limited edition and will not be re-dyed for at least six months. The specific colours will be kept top secret until I have sent out the boxes, but I will share some images of the colours around late Sunday 22nd on my social media. This means that if you wanted to get a yarn loving mum some yarn, these would make a great gift idea. You can select either 4ply or DK 20g minis, but be quick as there are a limited number of these boxes available. I don't really have many more plans for the rest of the month, other than finishing off the lovely colour ways for the Spring Yarn Boxes. Do you have any colour ways or things you would like to see from my site? Please do get in touch.

  • Happy New Year - January 2020

    Hello All, I hope you are all having a great start to the new year. Its been a busy month for me and I am sure for most of you with all your crafty projects. What have you been working on? I'd love to hear from you. The Silver Echos Shawl is out for pattern testing, it went out last Saturday. I was so overwhelmed by by the amount of people who had gotten in touch to confirm they wanted to test it for me so thank you if you were one of those people. I’ve had some great feedback so far from the people who have been testing it and I plan to release the pattern very early February so watch this space. It's great to see the other colours that people have used to make their shawl. I have also been working on getting ready for the Makers Bazaar Sale market which is on the 1st February, I hope you can come along and make sure you say hello. I will have some of my yarns at a discounted price, up to 50% off on some skeins. Saturday 1st February 11am to 4pm Jane Austen College, Colegate, Norwich, NR3 1DD - Next Door to the Playhouse What has been your WIP for January? Other than the gorgeous (I may be bias) shawl I have designed, I have been working on this Tanis Sweater designed by Tinderbox and I am in love. You can buy her pattern on Ravelry and it is really easy to follow. It is written in US terms which was easy to follow once I had remembered to convert the stitches. I did start the project without converting them so had to restart which was a little annoying but I know I am not the only one who has done that. I have actually finished the sweater but I haven't sewn it in and blocked it yet so I will be doing that soon and will upload a photo. The yarn I used is Mist which is one of my own colour way and it will be in the shop update in early February. The early February shop update is going to be a large one with over 100 new skeins which will be available and a few new colours too. You may have noticed from my events page that I will be making Christmas Advent Calendars this year. Yes, for all you self-confessed yarn addicts you will be able to get your yarn fix on a daily basis during December. ​ You will be able to pre-order these little Christmas treats from June 2020 onward. You will also be able to pay in a few monthly instalments to help spread the costs. They will be posted in mid-November so that you will receive them in time for the 1st December. ​ To the right you will see some of the yarns I have dyed but the contents of the boxes will be kept secret until the day you open your gift. ​ There will be a few options; 12 day - 20g mini sock yarn 12 day - 20g mini DK yarn 24 day - 20g mini sock yarn 24 day - 20g mini DK yarn Watch this space for more information on these Christmas Advent Calendars.

  • First post and how Blue Fern Yarns was created.

    Hi, my name is Shannon and I have been crocheting for a few years now. It all started on Boxing day in 2015 when I was at my Grandparents house with my family. My mum was working on something and I couldn't take my eyes off her looping the yarn in what seemed like knots and finishing off with a pretty square. So I raided my nan's crochet hooks and yarn stash, sat down next to mum and waited for her to start the next square so I could copy her. She pulled apart what she had done so far, which completely horrified me. I panicked about what she had done but she told me it would be fine. We started at the beginning, she went slow for me so I could watch and copy, I didn't realise at the time but I was making trebles and not just knots. By the end of that evening I had made a blanket big enough for a kitten! Not very big but I was so excited. I then pestered my mum for info on yarn and what i should use and different stitches. When I discovered YouTube channels I was hooked (get it???). I have discovered yarn dying a while ago, I didn't even know it was a thing until I went to Fibre East one year and all I wanted to do was quit work and buy all the yarn and crochet my life away, alas the mortgage man called and also expected to be paid so I did the semi-sensible thing. I ordered a yarn dyeing kit to have a go myself. Little did I know that would also become an addiction, I love seeing the colours grab to the yarn and they sometimes they don't turn out how you would expect but boy are they lovely. ​ The next thing I knew my first five kilos of yarn arrived (I am not sure I even remember placing the order) and started dyeing more and more. I dyed more yarn than I could ever crochet in my lifetime and there were a few people who asked me if they could buy some from me. The next thing I knew Blue Fern Yarns was created.

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  • Environment | Blue Fern Yarns

    Ethics, Environment and Sustainability It is very important to me that Blue Fern Yarns supports the environment and sustainability. Therefore I try to do my best for both, I also re-use water where possible when I am dying yarn and also make sure all dyes are exhausted to ensure nothing is wasted. ​ I also want Blue Fern Yarns to be inclusive and ethically sound. Everyone is welcome here. Yarn It is important to me that I source all my materials from local, ethical, family run businesses. I buy my yarn from an experienced family run company, who have strong links with farmers and mills which they visit. They sponsor Perunvian Highland children to attend school alongside supporting handspun and mini skein winding businesses for women in the mountain villages. All yarn sold through Blue Fern Yarns is mulesing Free. Superwash is a resin applied to the wool to help prevent shrinkage. I only use yarn from highly regulated treatment plants, therefore reducing its environmental impact. This treatment will bio-degrade with the yarn in landfill. ​ Packaging ​ All orders are carefully wrapped in 100% plastic free packaging, using coloured tissue paper which is acid free and recyclable. All mailers are 100% recyclable, and made out of natural Kraft paper which is environmentally friendly, renewable and can be recycled several times. I use Kraft tape to seal packages which is also acid free. ​

  • Hand Dyed Yarns | Blue Fern Yarns | Yarn bases

    Yarn Care & Useful Information Your yarn will arrive in a skein, with 2-3 ties and will need to be wound into a ball/cake to work from. ​ To do this, untwist the skein until you have the hank/loop and place this on a swift or around the backs of two chairs but make sure it remains taut to avoid tangling. 1-2 of the ties are a single strand, the other will be made of two strands. Cut the single strand ties first then cutting the other tie will release the ends to allow you to wind it into a ball/cake. ​ I recommend buying enough yarn for your project at the same time. Our yarn is dyed in small batches and the colours may differ slightly from skein to skein. ​ Larger quantities ordered at the same time will always be from the same small batch. Whilst I do my best to ensure that each skein is alike, I would suggest alternating skeins on every couple of rows ​ Wash by hand in cool water with a small amount of wool wash and dry flat. ​ All our yarns are dyed in small batches, in a smoke free but pet friendly home in Norwich Norfolk. ​ We use professional dyes to create some truly unique colour ways, which are then rinsed until they run clear. The colours should not bleed but it is always a possibility with hand dyed yarns. ​

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