Knotball Blanket Pattern
**PDF Knitting Pattern Only**
This listing does not include the finished product, just the pattern to be able to make it yourself.
Needle: 3.5mm 
Sizes: I have done some research for different blanket sizes, and there is a table with suggestions of sizes to help you plan for your project.Yarn: This pattern is written for the use of 4ply yarn, however you can use the same pattern technique with different yarn weights, but please note the gauge and size of the blanket may differ.
This blanket was inspired because of the many scraps of 4ply sock yarn I had and I kept thinking I would one day use them. Well I did, and I am super pleased with it.  It even works for those scraps where you may only have a meter or two and means you do not waste any yarn and has the perfect edge to the blanket for picking up the stitches and adding a boarder if you would like.
This project is also perfect for yarn advents.
There is a useful video on my YouTube channel to show how to make a magic knotball, there is a link to this at the end of the pattern.
You may not reprint, resell or claim this pattern as your own, this is property of Blue Fern Yarns. In the countries where you need my permission to make and sell the blanket from my pattern, I give it freely. Please feel free to tag me on Instagram @BlueFernYarns and use the hashtag #knotballblanket.
This pattern has been tested.
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Knotball Blanket Pattern